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I love to do keynotes on my subject area. Most of my talks are drawn from my books, so if you have a favorite book, or if you think one of my themes would fit your event, please get in touch. Typical occasions are conventions, leadership meetings, corporate off-sites, and industry conferences. View my speaking history.    

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A collaborative, facilitated work session is often the fastest way to crack a tough brand challenge. My workshops range from a half day to five full days, depending on the goals for the session. I’ve led workshops for as few as four participants and as many as a hundred. Some are open; others are private. Below are three popular workshops.



> Start or transform a brand

> Complete a strategy matrix

> 4 to 24 participants

> 2 to 5 days


> Learn basic design thinking

> Collaborate on a specific challenge

> 10 to 100 participants

> Half day or full day


> Start or transform a brand

> Complete a strategy matrix

> 10 to 15 mixed-industry participants

> 2 to 4 days




  • AIGA Santa Barbara, “FLIP!2016” 3-day workshop (Santa Barbara, CA, 2017)

  • Retail Council DTL QC Conference, “The Brand Flip” keynote (Montreal, Canada, 2016)

  • HNI, “Brand Flip Workshop” 3-day corporate event (Milwaukee, MI, 2016)

  • MailChimp, “The Brand Flip” corporate keynote address (Atlanta, GA, 2016)

  • Wonder Academy, “Brand Flip Workshop” 2-day event (Helsinki, Finland, 2016)

  • University ITESM-Leon, “Principles of Innovation” executive session (Leon, Mexico, 2016)

  • Innoday, “The Brand Flip” talk; “The Brand Flip” one-day workshop (Stockholm, Sweden, 2016)

  • AIGA Santa Barbara, “FLIP!2016” 2-day workshop (Santa Barbara, CA, 2016)

  • Service Design Conference, “The Brand Flip” keynote address (Santiago, Chile, 2015)

  • MagiaLiquid, “Flipping Your Brand” workshop (Santiago, Chile, 2015)

  • The Conference Board, “The Brand Flip” executive keynote (New York, NY, 2015)

  • Riptide IO, “Brand Flip” 3-day corporate workshop (Santa Barbara, CA, 2015)

  • Marketing Festival 2015, “Finding Your Onliness” workshop (Brno, Czech Republic, 2015)

  • Marketing Festival 2015, “The Brand Flip” keynote (Brno, Czech Republic, 2015)

  • Aryzta Brand Camp, “The Brand Flip” keynote (Redondo Beach, CA, 2015)

  • University ITESM-Leon, “Principles of Innovation” workshop (Guadalajara, Mexico, 2015)

  • Greenbridge, “Brand Compass” 3-day corporate workshop (Los Angeles, CA, 2015)

  • University of East Anglia, “Master Class: Metaskills” (Norwich, UK, 2015)

  • Flux Conference, “Metaskills” keynote (Helsinki, Finland, 2015)

  • Wonder Academy, “Brand Strategy Workshop” 3-day event (Helsinki, Finland, 2015)

  • AIGA Santa Barbara, “ZAG!2015” 3-day workshop (Santa Barbara, CA, 2015)

  • Kraft Foods Marketing Summit, “Onliness of Great Brands” keynote (Chicago, IL, 2015)

  • GameChangers Marketing Summit, “Onliness of Great Brands” keynote (Istanbul, Turkey, 2014)

  • DesignThinkers Conference, “Metaskills” keynote; “Dreaming” workshop (Toronto, Canada, 2014) 

  • Rotman School of Management, “Rules of Genius” keynote (Toronto, Canada, 2014)

  • AIGA Gain Conference, “Metaskills” keynote (New York, NY, 2014)

  • Design Week Portland, “What Sparks Innovation?” panel moderator (Portland, OR, 2014) 

  • Rebrand, 2-day ZAG Masterclass Workshop, Harvard Club (Boston, MA, 2014) 

  • StopPress Presents, “The Genuine Article” keynote (Auckland, New Zealand, 2014)

  • The Briefing, “When Everyone Zigs, Zag” CEO workshop (Auckland, New Zealand, 2014)

  • AIGA Santa Barbara, “Metaskills” keynote (Santa Barbara, CA, 2014) 

  • ASID Design-to-Lead Summit, “Metaskills” keynote (Atlanta, GA, 2014)

  • Design Week Portland, “Metaskills” keynote (Portland, OR, 2013)

  • Twitter, “Metaskills” one-day workshop (San Francisco, CA, 2013)

  • ZAGWEEK/France, 5-day brand workshop (Monestier, France, 2013)

  • Alliance of Chief Executives, “Metaskills” keynote (Santa Clara, CA, 2013)

  • UX London, “Metaskills” keynote and workshop (London, UK, 2013)

  • The British Design Council, “Metaskills” keynote (London, UK, 2013)

  • Pearson, “Metaskills” corporate keynote (London, UK, 2013)

  • Registered Graphic Designers, “Metaskills” webinar (Toronto, Canada, 2013)

  • Patagonia, “Marty Neumeier and Peter Moore” on-stage conversation (Santa Barbara, CA, 2013)

  • DIEN Conference, “Metaskills” keynote and workshop (Santiago, Chile, 2013)

  • AnFas, “How to Build a Strong Brand” 2-day brand workshop (Prague, Czech Republic, 2012)

  • Qlikview, “Metaskills” one-day workshop (Sonoma, CA, 2012)

  • Jing Tea, “Are You Zagging?” keynote and workshop (London, UK, 2012)

  • ExpoMarketing 2012, “Brand Innovation” keynote (Bogotá, Colombia, 2012)

  • Mars Corporation, “The Designful Company” keynote (Westlake, CA, 2012)

  • TedX Patagonia, “Design Thinking” keynote (Santiago, Chile, 2011)

  • Chile Design Week, “Zag” workshop, (Santiago, Chile, 2011)

  • Frito-Lay, “The Designful Company” keynote (Dallas, TX, 2011)

  • 2011 Liquid Brand Summit, “Are You Zagging?” keynote (Palo Alto, CA, 2011)

  • Oriflame Innovation Summit, “The Designful Company” keynote (Dublin, Ireland, 2011)

  • Design Management Institute, “16 Levers of Change” keynote (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011)

  • Microsoft Innovation Day, “Abductive Thinking” keynote (Redmond, WA, 2011)

  • Huddle two-day corporate “Zag” workshop (Melbourne, Australia, 2011)

  • Hallmark Innovation Conference, “Are You Zagging?” keynote (Kansas City, MO, 2011)

  • CEO Summit 2010, “Nonstop Innovation” keynote (Auckland, New Zealand, 2010)

  • WE Symposium, “The Designful Company” keynote (Chicago, IL, October 2010)

  • Brand ManageCamp 2010, “The Designful Company” keynote (Las Vegas, NV, 2010)

  • dConstruct 2010, keynote talk (Brighton, UK, September 2010)

  • Kraft Foods “Imagine the Possibilities” Conference, innovation workshop (Chicago, IL, 2010)

  • Amandla Forum, “Zag” keynote and workshop (Dead Sea, Jordan, 2010)

  • COFOCE Innovation Conference, “Zag” keynote and workshop (Leon, Mexico, 2010)

  • MPI MeetDifferent 2010 “The Designful Company” keynote (Cancun, Mexico, 2010)

  • Ringling International Design Summit, “Zag” keynote and workshop (Sarasota, FL, 2010)

  • RGD DesignThinkers conference (Toronto, Canada, 2009)

  • GAD/Dextron, “The Designful Company” (Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2009)

  • Applied Materials Marketing Summit (Santa Clara, CA, 2009)

  • Harvard Brasil Conexao, “Zag” keynote and workshop (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009) 

  • MX 2009, “The Designful Company” (San Francisco, CA, 2009)

  • Great Place to Work, “Are You Zagging?” keynote and workshop (Vienna, Austria, 2009)

  • Stanford University, “The Designful Company” (Palo Alto, CA, 2009)

  • DMI Design Management Conference (Ogunquit, ME, 2008)

  • State Farm Brand Day, “The Brand Gap” (Bloomington, IL, 2008) 

  • Croatia Innovation Day, “The Brand Gap” (Zagreb, Croatia, 2008)

  • Google B2B Marketing Forum, “Are You Zagging?” (New York, NY, 2008)

  • Reebok Blue Sky 2010, “The Brand Gap” (Chatham Bar, MA, 2008)

  • AIGA/SF, “Are You Zagging?” (San Francisco, CA, 2008)

  • In-HOWse Conference, “The Designful Company” (Austin, TX, 2007)

  • AIGA/DC, “Are you Zagging?” (Washington, DC, 2007)

  • Zagweek Cincinnati, “Are You Zagging?” (Cincinnati, OH, 2007)

  • AMA/AIGA, “Are You Zagging?” (Philadelphia, PA, 2007)

  • AIGA Seattle, “Are You Zagging?” (Seattle, WA, 2007)

  • PwC Re:Connect 2007, “The Brand Gap” (Woodcliff, NJ, 2007)

  • Brooks Institute, “The Collaboration Age” (Ventura, CA, 2007)

  • FUSE Conference, “Are You Zagging?" (New York, NY, 2007)

  • AIGA Colorado, “Are You Zagging?” (Denver, CO, 2007)

  • Sterling Brands, “The Brand Gap” (New York, NY, 2006)

  • Herman Miller “Great Ideas” conference (San Antonio, TX, 2006)

  • AIGA Upstate New York, “The Brand Gap” (Rochester, NY, 2006)

  • AIGA Seattle, “The Collaboration Age” (Seattle, WA, 2006)

  • American Marketing Assoc., “The Brand Gap” (Charlotte, NC, 2006)

  • AIGA/LA, “The Collaboration Age” (Los Angeles, CA, 2006)

  • Brand ManageCamp (Philadelphia, PA, 2006)

  • AIGA Chicago, “The Collaboration Age” (Chicago, IL, 2006)

  • Electronic Arts Brand Jam, “The Brand Gap” (Redwood City, CA, 2005)

  • Hallmark/AIGA, “The Collaboration Age” (Kansas City, MO, 2004)

  • Gain Conference, “The Collaboration Age” (New York, NY, 2002)

  • AIGA Houston, “Six Predictions” (Houston, TX, 2002)

  • Pentagram Speaker Series, “Six Predictions” (San Francisco, CA, 2002)

  • AIGA Indianapolis, “Six Predictions” (Indianapolis, IN, 2001)

  • The Partners speaker program, “Six Predictions” (London, UK, 2000) 

  • Gain Conference, “Which Job Would You Take?” (San Francisco, CA, 2000) 

  • The Mead Annual Report Conference (New York, NY, 1999)