My new book SCRAMBLE comes out October 1, but I’ll be making it secretly available to educators in time for fall classes. If you’d like to teach from the book, I’d be excited to get your thoughts on ways I can help you—whether it’s a discussion guide, suggested assignments, or even a visit with your class over Skype.

Here's what your students will love about SCRAMBLE:

1. It’s a page turner.
Let’s face it: the best business books are the ones you finish. And who doesn’t love a fast-paced thriller? Robert Jones, professor of brand strategy at the University of East Anglia, called the book “unputdownable—Porter meets Grisham, only better.”  

2. It’s realistic. 
Most business books don’t reflect the hard realities of actual business. Said Niraj Dawar, professor of marketing at the Ivey Business School, “[Neumeier] pulls no punches. He’ll have you rooting for the survival of the firm through the twists and turns of boardroom drama, and all for a good cause: deeper insight into strategy.”

3. It doesn’t skimp on emotion.
Why pretend collaboration is easy? Scramble includes the human foibles that can make or break any team. Kit Yarrow, professor of consumer psychology, called Scramble“a fresh, engaging way to learn how business transformation really works, from heart-pounding deadlines to the touchy challenge of teamwork.”

4. Your students can get 40% off!
Your class can get a bulk discount on beautiful deluxe softcovers that are NOT available on Amazon or in bookstores. These are keepers. Some of your students will treasure their copies, and the learning experience that goes with it, for the rest of their lives.  


The first thing you need to do is read the book! If you haven’t become a Scramble Advocate yet, click the link below to become an Advocate and get your free copy.